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Nine Card Reading

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Card Deck

All Card Readings are done by email, text, or Instagram. I will reach out to you once I have pulled the card(s) and laid out the spread.

(If you choose Instagram I will need you to DM me with proof of purchase @parisdxwn)

I will provide you a photo of the spread and write-ups of what the cards are showing me, and any extra messages that came through. Feel free to message me during the reading if you need extra information on a certain message. I love chatting back and forth and giving more insight about what the cards are showing. If you have questions about the reading after it is done, please do not hesitate to ask them, I will always do my best to give you the information you seek.

Card Options Left to Right:

1. Smith-Waite Tarot
2. Rider-Waite Tarot
3. Stranger Things Tarot
4. Angels and Ancestors Oracle
5. The Healing Mantra Oracle
6. Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle
7. The Crystal Spirits Oracle
8. The Spirit Animal Oracle
9. The Rose Oracle
10. The Starseed Oracle