Selenite: The Multi-purpose Crystal

Selenite: The Multi-purpose Crystal

The Ethereal Stone

Selenite, one of our favourite go-to stones, used throughout our living and working spaces, is valued for its energetic and purifying abilities.

So what makes this stone so special?

Named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene, Selenite is sometimes referred to as “liquid light.” It is a link to the light body and is said to inhabit the place between light and matter. 

The Multi-purpose Stone

This fascinating stone is like having a fork, spoon, and knife all in one. A multi-purpose tool that is one of the most powerful crystals for healing the mind, body, and soul.

From wands to towers, charging bowls to candle holders, carvings to palm stones, Selenite can be sourced in multiple countries around the world. It can even be obtained in powder form that can be sprinkled around the perimeter of your home for protection, or used as a smudging spray.

The Ultimate Charging Stone

One of the most amazing qualities of Selenite is that it is self-charging. You don’t need to remember to cleanse this one! It is a master of charging other crystals as well.

We love placing our crystal jewelry in Selenite bowls. We also keep a tower or two with our other crystals. It not only charges them but helps to amplify their properties.

The Powerful, but Delicate Stone

As a form of Gypsum, this translucent, pearly stone is a hydrous, calcium, and sulfate mineral. Because it is a water-soluble crystal, it should not be exposed to moisture as it can erode. That being said, it is sometimes used in plants as a soil nutrient, due to the sulfur and calcium content.

If you find that your Selenite is looking a little dusty or dull, you may want to give it a gentle wipe with a clean cloth dampened with water or 70% rubbing alcohol.

If you wish to enhance your crystal, you can place it in indirect sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. You can also amplify it by playing sound healing music, using Reiki, or by smudging.

The Protective Guardian Stone

To cleanse and protect your living spaces, place Selenite in the corners of rooms, on side tables, shelves, and desks. Because Selenite naturally raises the vibration of the space surrounding it, you should begin to notice the area feeling calmer, lighter, and clear of negative energy.

Selenite acts as a guardian that shields and protects you and your spaces. It is no wonder that this crystal has become so popular as home decor and art pieces. No more stale, negative energy hanging around. Just imagine the powerhouse of positive energy if you regularly smudge your spaces too!

The Relaxing and Energizing Stone

Keep Selenite close to you and visible as a reminder to cleanse your Aura often. Place this stone on your bedside table. When you awaken or when you retire at night, it will remind you to do a quick cleanse. You may even notice your ability to sleep peacefully increasing.

Feeling low or unbalanced? Selenite helps to clear blockages within the Chakra system. Placing this stone on your spine may ease blockages and gently rebalance your energy. You may even experience a tingling sensation, depending on your ability to connect with it.

The Aura Cleansing Stone

To cleanse your Aura, hold your Selenite about 2 inches from your body. Trace around your body from head to toe in a sweeping motion.

Your Auric field, your energetic frequency, spreads to about 12 inches around your entire body. Picture the white energetic light cleansing and absorbing any negative energy that you may have encountered throughout your day or night.

If you choose to cleanse after you wake up, picture the white energetic light placing a protective shield around you. You may notice after repeating this cleanse regularly, you start to feel lighter, energized, and even optimistic.

If feeling anxious or depressed, holding a Selenite palm stone may bring relief or even a sense of tranquility.

The Meditation Stone

To help you meditate, hold your Selenite or place it near you. Selenite’s peaceful, calming vibration can assist in connecting with your Higher Self. You may even find your ability to connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels becoming more heightened. Don’t worry though, if you are not yet interested in opening up your spiritual connections, you need only to make your intentions clear.

Be sure to communicate with your crystals as you would with a friend or someone you feel close to. Crystals are living energies just as we are. Selenite’s incredible healing properties and high vibrations assist with spiritual transformation. Try placing it on your desk to strengthen your memory and bring you clarity.

The Physical Healing Stone

The abilities of Selenite go far beyond mental and spiritual healing. It can be used to assist with physical healing as well. This multipurpose stone has been used to assist with healing arthritis, epilepsy, tumors, infections, and even pain.

For sore muscles or pain, one can place Selenite on the affected area for up to 30 minutes to bring relief. Perhaps it's the minerals or perhaps it's the vibrational frequency. Either way, any relief is welcome.

The Balancing Stone

Best known for its cleansing and protective properties, this breathtaking crystal is sure to have a positive impact on your life. If you feel exhausted or stressed, this stone can balance your energy.

Although a strong, powerful stone, if mishandled, Selenite can erode, scratch, or break easily. Let it remind you to balance your own energy. Just like Selenite, you are strong and powerful. You can radiate positively when treated in a gentle and loving way.

The information provided here is to assist you on your journey to living a healthy lifestyle. It is in no way meant to replace proper medical advice or diagnoses. See full disclaimer. Wishing you well.

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