Manifesting with Crystals

Manifesting with Crystals

Manifesting is the intention of consciously creating your reality. Working with the Universe is an important step to manifesting our desires. We must trust that the Universe is working on our behalf. Understanding the laws of the Universe can help us to have patience while we go with the flow.

Whatever we focus on we attract, as our vibrational frequencies align with similar frequencies. In order to change things in our lives, we may need to make changes from within. The following are some of the ways we can enhance our ability to manifest.


Meditating for 10 - 30 minutes each day, allows you to form a non-resistant state for manifestation to flow. It connects you with peace, happiness, and awareness.

Emotional Awareness.

Tune into your emotions. Practice feeling your emotions each day. If you have negative emotions or beliefs, they are there for you to learn from. Releasing painful emotions allows you to grow. Work through old beliefs that are holding you back. If you feel triggered or find yourself over-reacting, this is a signal that something within needs to heal.

Why Revisit Painful Emotions?

It is important to revisit painful emotions because if you have not yet released them, they will continue to hang around. There is something within that emotional experience that you are meant to learn from. It is painful so you can grow from it. It may be a belief you were taught that just doesn't resonate with you. Whatever the reason, a painful memory is simply hanging around for your own benefit.

The truth is that we cannot manifest better things into our lives until we have released painful emotions. Something with the same vibration will attract another thing with a similar vibration. Holding onto painful emotions draws similar experiences to you.

The goal of manifesting is to bring forth positive experiences. We cannot attract positive situations if painful vibrations are taking up space.

If we hold onto doubt, uncertainty, or disappointment, we block our desires from manifesting. We must clear any negative emotions in order to manifest our deepest desires.

Once our painful emotions have been felt and released, we can focus on feeling the positive emotions that we would feel if we were to experience our desired situations. We must feel the emotions we would feel in our desired situations, to attract those vibrations into our lives.

Rate Your Desires.

Write down your desires. Rate them on a scale of 1 - 10. Number 1 is the least attainable in your beliefs and number 10 is the most attainable. Anything you rate from 5 or below may have some type of misbelief tied to it. These are emotions that need to be revisited and healed before you can manifest with them.

Anything you have rated above 5 lets you know that you believe it is possible to attain. These are the desires you need to visualize. Feel the emotions you would feel as though they are already happening. Build on these desires. Visualize yourself experiencing these desires. The vibrations you will emit will pull more of this energy to you. The more energy you put into manifesting your desires, the stronger the pull.

What if it Doesn't Work?

If you are regularly practicing manifestation but are not seeing results, do not lose hope. Continue practicing as the Universe may be clearing the way for your desires. As long as you have cleared any painful emotional attachments or misbeliefs, the Universe will support you. Divine timing and positive vibrations will attract your desires.

Create a Vision.

Creating a vision or picture of your desired goal is a strong and effective way to manifest. Using a picture as a background or screensaver reminds you to stay focused on your goals.

Vision boards are popular tools that many people incorporate into their manifesting practice. Junk journals are another great place to incorporate your goals.

Create an Anchor.

An anchor is an item that you select to remind you of your goals or desires. Using an anchor as a manifesting tool, helps you to remember to stay positive and to raise your vibration for manifesting. Carry your chosen item (such as a manifesting crystal) with you as often as you can.

We are constantly exposed to negative and difficult situations. Anchors remind us to let go of the negative and focus our energy on the positive.

Create a Power Word or Phrase.

Creating a powerful word or phrase can assist with manifesting. If you find yourself going off track or are drawn into negative self-talk or emotions, you can use a powerful word or phrase to redirect your thoughts.

With regular practice, you will train your thoughts to redirect themselves. This is not to say you should avoid your emotions, of course, but a simple way to redirect your thoughts until you can properly evaluate your feelings.

Journaling and meditating without distractions is a much healthier way to sort through your emotions. Using a power word or phrase allows you to focus on positive thoughts until you can work on the deeper stuff at an appropriate time and place.

Create the Right Mindset.

When focusing on lack, you attract more lack. If you are in the mindset of not deserving, you are tuned to the wrong frequency. The Universe wants you to thrive and succeed. It wants you to vibrate in a way that is for the highest good of all. When you are at your highest vibration it positively affects others. Happiness is a positive vibration, that is why fulfilling your desires benefits the highest good.

The Universe believes in your ability and is working to support your will. If you vibrate from a low place such as fear, the Universe believes that to be your will. Maintaining the correct mindset enables you to attract the right vibration. It is your divine right to feel good. If prospering makes you feel good, then you deserve to prosper. If feeling loved makes you feel good, then you deserve to feel loved. You deserve, by divine right, that which you desire.

Having the mindset that you want or need things, creates a state of lacking. You do not desire lack. Focus on that which you desire, not on that which you don't have. To desire is to like or enjoy, it is a feeling.

Creating the feeling of what you desire, attracts that energy. If you desire to feel good, go within and feel what it feels like to feel good. Note that if you watch a scary movie, you feel anxious or afraid. If you watch an inspirational movie, you feel inspired. Notice that if you listen to upbeat music, you begin to feel upbeat. You tune into the vibration of the movie you watch, or the music you listen to.

If your vibration is high, you attract high vibrations. Be conscious of your mindset and what it is attracting. Your desires are your feelings. Emotions are how you feel. Feelings create your reality.

Incorporating the five senses into manifesting is a useful way to practice creating your desires. It increases the awareness of your feelings. It is much easier to create something when we sense how it sounds, feels, tastes, smells, and appears. This increases the vibration of the energy we are creating. That which we focus on becomes our reality.

Manifest while Sleeping.

Manifesting involves your inner state of being. You need to experience your desire in your mind through visualization and feeling. To attract what you desire, your frequency must match the frequency of what you desire. In other words, turn your desire into a movie in your mind.

Your subconscious mind is the easiest to access right before you fall asleep. Since your subconscious is far more powerful than your conscious mind, it has the ability to turn your desire into reality.

When imagining an experience, your mind cannot tell the difference between a real experience and an imagined one. Before you fall asleep, give thanks to your subconscious mind for supporting you. Give thanks to the Universe for supporting you. Give thanks for all of the things that you are grateful for. Finally, give thanks for your desire in the sense that it is already happening. Your subconscious will continue manifesting while you sleep.

Manifesting with Crystals.

Crystals contain high vibrational frequencies that are capable of enhancing our intentions. They can help us heal energetic patterns that cause us to feel stressed, anxious, and unable to accomplish success.

Raising our vibrational frequencies with crystals assists us with attracting greater opportunities for love, abundance, success, joy, and healthy relationships.

Program your crystals with your intentions. Allow them to amplify positive energy and clear negative energy.

Using a crystal grid is an incredibly powerful way to manifest your intentions and desires. Crystal grids use mathematical equations in shapes and patterns, known as sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry is the language of the Universe and makes up the shapes and patterns of nature itself. A crystal grid uses crystal energies and geometrical patterns to create powerful and clear communication with the Universe. The following crystals are some of the best-known stones for manifesting.


Garnet helps one to feel safe, secure and grounded. Assisting with manifestation, Garnet eases stress and worry around finances. While helping you to feel strong, steady, and supported by the Universe, this stone allows you to create your desires.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a powerful stone that cleanses negativity and increases self-control. Providing support during changes, this protective stone grounds you while stimulating growth. Expanding one's consciousness, it reveals self-destructive behaviors, enhances prophecy, and reveals the soul's purpose.


Carnelian is an empowering stone that assists with manifesting your goals. Filling one with inner confidence and courage, Carnelian increases energy, motivation, creativity, and willpower. This powerful stone of action encourages you to embrace change and pursue your passions.


Pyrite is a positive and encouraging stone that empowers one to manifest their desires. Boosting willpower, Pyrite increases confidence while releasing fears. Stimulating creativity and ambition, this stone assists with assertiveness and perseverance, while increasing energy and stamina.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a strengthening stone that promotes resilience and endurance. Increasing vitality, creativity, willpower, and intention, Tiger Eye allows you to stay connected with your inner truth and values. Assisting you to stay aligned and balanced, this stone encourages you to stay centered while pursuing your goals.


Citrine is a strengthening and empowering stone that encourages one to manifest their creations and ideas into physical form. Boosting willpower along with imagination, Citrine promotes confidence and creativity. Dissolving blockages, this stone helps you find the strength to pursue abundance, prosperity, and success.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a purifying stone of unconditional love and peace. Teaching the true essence of love, Rose Quartz brings deep inner healing and opens the heart to self-love. Restoring trust and harmony, this stone strengthens empathy while gently drawing off negative energy. Assisting with the acceptance of change, this stone reminds you of your true intentions while transmuting emotional conditioning. Healing heartache and deprivation it teaches receptivity, acceptance, and self-worth.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is a purifying stone that connects one to insight and guidance. Enhancing psychic abilities, Blue Apatite promotes mental clarity and inspiration. This stimulating stone helps transform current patterns and habits while promoting confidence, balance, and connection to dreamwork.


Labradorite is a protective stone that repels negativity and aligns one with their divine path. Opening your intuition, Labradorite encourages trust in divine timing, while promoting a state of flow and co-creation with the Universe. This stone of transformation is useful for inner work and self-awareness as it surfaces and heals unhealthy patterns.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a powerful manifesting stone that amplifies intention. Clearing and programming Clear Quartz strengthens not only your intention but the energy of other crystals you are using as well. This stone teaches you to align yourself with your goals. Attuning you to your spiritual purpose, Clear Quartz connects the physical dimension with the spiritual and enhances psychic ability.


Selenite is a purifying stone that connects the Earth Star and the Soul Star Chakras. Linking you to your higher self and angelic consciousness, Selenite brings clarity of mind and accesses higher guidance. This powerful stone is protective and calming. It pinpoints lessons and issues while revealing resolutions. Boosting self-esteem Selenite connects you to your true purpose and attracts positivity, new opportunities, and prosperity.

Putting it all Together.

The key to manifesting your true desires begins with healing your self-worth. If you are having trouble manifesting the life you desire, you may be experiencing energetic blockages. Blockages often occur when we need to heal from emotional trauma or when we have a lesson to learn for our personal growth.

Sometimes things from the past cause us to repeat patterns because we have not yet healed. Doing shadow work, meditating, journaling, and Chakra healing can help us to bring our truths to the surface. This can help reveal where our doubts and fears are coming from.

Before changes can happen, we need to revisit our old thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors. Part of the soul's purpose is to rise up from our experiences. Manifestation does not happen from outside ourselves. To manifest, we must go within. Our biggest growth opportunities are within the issues or problems we face.

Once we heal and understand our self-worth and divine right to receive, we can then make the changes that we need to make to manifest our desires.

Whether you are meditating, visualizing, using crystals, or doing inner healing, raising your vibration will attract positive energy and assist you with manifesting your desires.

The Information provided here is to assist you on your journey to living a healthy lifestyle. It is in no way meant to replace proper medical advice or diagnosis. See full disclaimer here. Wishing you well.
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