Crystals for Love: A Manifesting Guide

Crystals for Love: A Manifesting Guide

How do you perceive love? Do you feel that it is unattainable or are you having a hard time keeping the flame going? Let's keep it real, we all struggle with love at some point in our lives. If you are looking for a little boost in the love area, we're here for you. We've found some amazing crystals for love and some healing and manifesting tips to help you out.

Sometimes we may not feel worthy of love. We may have a fear of intimacy or limited beliefs due to past experiences. Sometimes we find love but feel it slipping away because we don't believe it can last.

Emotional dis-ease prevents the acceptance of love. We must ensure that we have compassion, empathy, and unconditional love within our own hearts before we can give or receive love.

Understanding The Heart Chakra

Love, compassion, and connection flow through the Heart Chakra. This is from where you give and receive love.

Centered slightly above the physical heart, the Heart Chakra is the spiritual center for love, compassion, connection, relationships, and healing. This is where the ability to process feelings and love openly comes from.

Having a blocked Heart Chakra can result in being disconnected from emotions, intimacy, and relationships. We may be shy, untrusting, defensive, suspicious, possessive, controlling, critical, jealous, judgmental, or lack empathy, if our Heart Chakra is blocked or unbalanced.

We may be unconsciously protecting ourselves from getting hurt. We may be emotionally unavailable or attracted to emotionally unavailable people. If we have not healed from our past experiences, we may be holding onto painful energy, attracting the same energy over and over. There is no space for the present when the past has taken up residence. For this very reason, we must heal our hearts.

Releasing Old Beliefs

What are your beliefs? Can you identify them? Go back as far as you are able to remember. Any experiences that bring uncomfortable feelings to the surface need to be recognized and released. Honor your feelings, then place them in a ball of white light. See it rise and release it through your Crown Chakra. State out loud or from your heart center, "I clear and release this experience." Your experiences are not meant to hold you back but are created to propel you forward. It is not your past experiences that define you, but your growth from them that does.

Forgiving Yourself and Others

Fear and grief can keep our hearts trapped in the past. Emotional wounds can cause us to be resentful and carry anger. Scars from our past may leave us blaming our partners because we were betrayed or abandoned and did not heal.

Moving forward can be difficult if we consciously or unconsciously neglect to admit the mistakes we have made. Self-forgiveness restores harmony and trust. Forgiving others eliminates hostility, allowing the release of emotional turmoil or resistance and making way for new beginnings.

Acknowledging what has hurt you does not hurt you, but instead allows you to honor your feelings. This does not take your personal power away, it empowers you and releases the pain.

Hiding your emotions and blaming those that have hurt you holds you back from moving forward. Forgiving others (and yourself) doesn't erase your experiences, it frees you from negative attachments and allows you to grow and find peace.

Manifesting with Intention

With the Universal Law of Attraction, like attracts like. You cannot destroy nor create energy as it already exists. You can, however, change energy.

Releasing old beliefs and forgiving cleans the path for manifesting your desires. The Universe supports your intentions. It allows you to create your present life. If you focus on negative energy, the Universe will send the same energy, believing that is what you are manifesting. Whatever you focus on expands.

We each have the gift of free will, allowing us to create the life we choose. Visualize that which you desire, not what you dislike.

Taking time to be grateful for the positive things in our lives, helps us to stay focused on the present. It raises our vibrations and aligns our minds with our intentions.

Decide what it is that you desire. Visualize it. Feel it as if it is already occurring. Thank the Universe for supporting your desires. Trust in the Universe because it is said that "energy flows where your intention goes."

Choosing Crystals for Love

Crystals work through resonance and vibration. Molecular masses, vibrating frequencies, crystals have been used by ancient healers and in modern medicine for their therapeutic properties. Crystals support physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The following crystals are believed to invoke love and healing vibrational energies that promote loving relationships with oneself and others.

1) Flower Agate

A soothing and nurturing stone that assists with healing emotional trauma and distress. Strengthening your sense of purpose, Flower Agate encourages acceptance and forgiveness. This calming but powerful stone expels negativity while encouraging balance and harmony. Allowing you to heal from the inside out, Flower Agate balances the Heart Chakra and increases compassion, inner peace, and love. It is a wonderful stone for overcoming traumatic experiences and manifesting your desires.


- I accept and release my past experiences.

- I manifest my deepest desires.

2) Garnet

A stone of regeneration, Garnet allows you to access your personal truths and inspires love and devotion. Stimulating Kundalini energy, Garnet energizes the Root Chakra and ignites passion. Garnet is useful for traumatic situations, ushering in courage and hope. It assists with self-transformation and personal growth. This is a powerful stone for attracting love and encouraging self-confidence, passion, and devotion.


- I release feelings of anxiety and doubt.

- I manifest my heart's desires.

3) Kunzite

A peaceful stone that brings tranquility and unconditional love, Kunzite opens the heart to love and dispels negativity. This stone encourages acceptance and forgiveness while healing emotional debris and heartache. Kunzite promotes loving thoughts, communication, and balanced partnerships. It is a stone of strength that overcomes obstacles and resistance while alleviating anxiety and depression.


- I release pain and burdens of the heart.

- I manifest trust and self-expression.

4) Pink Tourmaline

 A stone of balance and transformation, Pink Tourmaline removes blockages, while promoting solutions. This stone assists with self-love, trust, and security. Pink Tourmaline transforms negative thoughts and destructive patterns into compassion, self-expression, and inspiration. It is a powerful healing stone that releases emotional pain and attracts love, pleasure, and exhilaration.


- I release old wounds and self-destruction.

- I manifest love and inspiration.

5) Rainbow Moonstone

A stone of intuition and new beginnings, Rainbow Moonstone akin to the moon itself, urges us to flow with the cycles of change. This stone balances male/female energy stabilizes emotions and draws out emotional patterns. It is a wonderful stone that assists with positive changes, releasing old programming, and encouraging us to follow our inner knowing, insight, and our inner voice.


- I release old patterns and emotions.

- I manifest new possibilities and inner guidance.

6) Rhodochrosite

A stone of self-worth and relationships, Rhodochrosite assists with connecting with others and harmonizing relationships. This stone allows us to recognize our own talents and work with others in partnership. It is a balancing stone that relieves fear and releases traumatic experiences while encouraging self-expression and commitment.


- I release emotional fear and pain.

- I manifest self-love and balanced relationships.

7) Rhodonite

An emotionally healing stone, Rhodonite balances yin and yang energy and eases emotional self-destruction. This stone transmutes emotional wounds that cause anger and resentment while promoting self-love and forgiveness. It is a supportive stone for relieving shock or panic and preventing retaliation, replacing destructive behavior and confusion with courage and confidence.


- I release anger and resentment.

- I manifest courage and self-confidence.

8) Rose Quartz

A stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz releases unexpressed emotions and encourages self-acceptance. This stone invokes compassion and unconditional love for oneself as well as others. It is a soothing stone that releases self-doubt, sadness, and distrust while strengthening empathy, inner peace, and tranquility.


- I release sadness and self-doubt.

- I manifest peace and unconditional love.

9) Strawberry Quartz

A stone of love and emotional healing, Strawberry Quartz assists with overcoming negative emotional patterns, while developing self-love. This stone is beneficial for increasing inner strength and higher consciousness. It is a stone of positivity that releases negativity, allowing you to create strong and healthy relationships.


- I release negativity and depression.

- I manifest self-love and healthy relationships.

Working With Your Crystals

Crystal therapy is an intuitive way of working with stones that conduct, magnify, and transmute energy. Crystals allow you to invoke and channel Divine guidance and light through their energy. Take time to center and quiet your body and mind so that you can set your intentions.

The infinite wisdom of the Universe will assist with healing for the highest good of all. Trust and have faith that you'll be given clear guidance from your higher self and Divine energy. Ask that wisdom, love, and light are sent through you and magnified by the crystals for the purpose of healing for the highest good.

Give thanks for the assistance and connection that has been created as a channel of loving and healing energy that flows through the body from the Universe and the Earth.

Once you have clarified your intentions, asked for Diving guidance, and given thanks, you may work with your crystals. You can receive their healing benefits by holding them, wearing them, meditating with them, or by placing them on the site of pain and discomfort or on the Chakra centers.

Try to cleanse, program, and charge your crystals regularly or as required. Trust your intuition with your crystals as you will form an energetic connection with them.

Healing Your Heart

Sometimes we find ourselves disconnected from ourselves and our emotions, or from intimacy and relationships. Reconnecting with our hearts brings us into alignment with compassion and acceptance.

Emotional wounds, fear of being vulnerable, and Karmic obstacles may be blocking us from experiencing peace, connection, and love.

Using spiritual tools such as meditation, Reiki, and Chakra or crystal healing can assist with healing our hearts and connecting us with unconditional love for ourselves and others.

The Information provided here is to assist you on your journey to living a healthy lifestyle. It is in no way meant to replace proper medical advice or diagnosis. See full disclaimer here. Wishing you well.

Love + Light,

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