7 Protective Crystals And Why You Should Be Using Them

7 Protective Crystals And Why You Should Be Using Them

Whether you have entered a room and instantly felt uneasy or you have experienced the leftover negative energy of another person or event, chances are you felt unprotected. Maybe you have spent hours working on a computer, scrolling your phone, or binge-watching TV and found yourself feeling drained of physical and mental energy.

Negativity can unbalance our energy field and cause blockages in our natural flow of energy. These blockages can cause us to experience pain, illness, anxiety, depression, and other ailments.

Our energy fields are continuously affected by stress, electromagnetic waves, and vibrational frequencies outside of our own bodies. Sounds, smells, colours, people, environmental and physical situations all affect us.

How To Prevent Toxic Energies From Harming Your Vibrational Frequencies.

To prevent toxic energies from harming your vibrational frequencies it is important to take a holistic approach. By balancing the vibrational frequencies physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we can keep our energies aligned while dissolving and preventing diseases. It is up to each individual to ensure that they live a balanced lifestyle. We can in a sense, protect our own energy fields or vibrational frequencies.

How Crystals Can Help Protect Our Vibrational Frequencies.

Crystals hold their own unique energetic frequencies that can assist you in freeing and transforming stagnant energies within your own energy field. Crystals can contain minerals that have therapeutic properties. They can produce sound and light vibrations that are sometimes used in modern medical procedures. Some crystals are calming while others are stimulating.

Crystals are often used with reflexology or Reiki healing to treat illness or energy imbalances. Many energy workers believe that the Chakras spinning energy centers within the body can be healed by the vibration of crystals.

When our Chakras are functioning properly, the body's physical and subtle energies are balanced. When our Chakras are not functioning properly, we may experience physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual imbalances or disease. By learning about and understanding the function of each Chakra within the body, you may be able to identify any imbalances within your energy field.

Once you have identified which energy center needs support, you can find the correct crystals or stones to assist you. In this case, your intention is to allow the vibrational frequencies of the crystals to assist you in protecting your own personal energy field. To keep your energy field regularly balanced you should meditate with, carry, or wear your chosen crystals often.

7 Protective Crystals And The Chakras They Support.

1. Black Tourmaline / Root Chakra

If the Root Chakra is unbalanced, you may experience insecurity, anxiety, or fear.

Black Tourmaline is a protective and purifying stone. This stone grounds spiritual energy while forming a protective shield around the body. It promotes self-confidence while diminishing fear. Black Tourmaline protects against electromagnetic pollution (EMF) and negative energy. It increases physical vitality and encourages positivity.

Affirmation: I Am Safe, I Release Fear

2. Carnelian / Sacral Chakra

If the Sacral Chakra is unbalanced, you may experience a lack of intimacy or feelings of unworthiness or isolation.

Carnelian is a powerful stone of protection against rage, envy, and resentment. This stone restores motivation and vitality. It clarifies perception while promoting positive life choices. Carnelian assists with overcoming abuse and with accepting the cycle of life.

Affirmation: I Am Creative, I Release Guilt

3. Citrine / Solar Plexus Chakra

If the Solar Plexus Chakra is unbalanced, you may experience low self-esteem, powerlessness, or act manipulative.

Citrine is a very powerful cleansing and protective stone. This stone transmutes and absorbs negative energy. It raises self-esteem and self-confidence while dispelling destructive tendencies. Citrine encourages motivation and creativity.

Affirmation: I Am Powerful, I Release Shame

4. Rose Quartz / Heart Chakra

If the Heart Chakra is unbalanced, you may experience a lack of empathy or feelings of jealousy or depression.

Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and eternal peace. This stone purifies and opens the heart. It soothes trauma and brings deep inner healing while promoting self-love. Rose Quartz strengthens empathy, encourages self-forgiveness, and invokes self-worth.

Affirmation: I Am Loved, I Release Grief

5. Amazonite / Throat Chakra

If the Throat Chakra is unbalanced, you may experience anxiety, shyness, or act withdrawn.

Amazonite is a powerful stone that protects against electromagnetic pollution (EMF) and enhances intuition. This stone is a soothing stone that calms the brain and the nervous system. It dispels negative energies while alleviating worry and fear. Amazonite manifests universal love and enhances loving communication.

Affirmation: I Am Expressive, I Release Lies

6. Labradorite / Third Eye Chakra

If the Third Eye Chakra is unbalanced, you may experience a lack of direction, skepticism, or poor judgment.

Labradorite is a highly protective stone that raises consciousness and enhances intuition. This stone dispels insecurities and alleviates stress. It calms overthinking while boosting the imagination. Labradorite dispels illusion and encourages strength and perseverance.

Affirmation: I Am Intuitive, I Release Illusion

7. Amethyst / Crown Chakra

If the Crown Chakra is unbalanced, you may experience disconnection, depression, or become judgmental.

Amethyst has a high spiritual vibration and is very protective. This stone brings a higher state of consciousness and enhances spiritual awareness. Mentally is it calming, while dispelling anger, anxiety, and fear. Amethyst encourages generosity and spiritual wisdom.

Affirmation: I Am Connected, I Release Attachment

Final Thoughts.

There are many tools we can use to protect our energy. Although it is important that we are not completely dependent on one single thing, such as crystals, it is reassuring to know you are consciously protecting your energy and yourself from being influenced by external negativity. It is also reassuring to know that you are making a conscious choice to support your internal energy system as well.

Please be aware that the information provided is meant to assist you on your journey to living a healthy lifestyle. It is in no way meant to replace proper medical advice or diagnoses. Much luck on your journey.

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